viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

English…Where is the true power of Freemasonry generated?

In a previous publication I have shared with you my reflection on what is the “basic training" for a Freemason.
This kind of training should help us ask and question how to "fill" and "live" our Freemasonry symbols and rituals with our “personal experience”.

A “personal experience” gestated by our need for a real and sincere self-knowledge, by our full, proactive and personal responses to our life and circumstances। A “personal experience” gestated by our “way of being” on the world.

The "Royal Art, as a method of self-knowledge, as a personal construction way , works through symbols and rituals of the old master masons, and lacking the Freemasons of gurus, is the "quality" and "sincerity" of our "personal experience" the only way to guarantee a good result and success for our own Temple Contruction.

Without this "personal experience", we will only get a mere and descriptive accumulation of knowledge about symbols, Masonic metaphors and rituals; and as far, a mechanics and "Light experience”, without benefiting from the impact and power that the language of symbols and metaphors have to configure us, as long as, we work to degrade our obscurities, in a constant search for the truth which has its apex in the utopia of the "ILLUMINATION".

Here is where we can find the true power of the Freemasonry, the "Royal art": in the impact and emotional intensity of Masonic metaphors and symbols on our neuronal structure modifications caused by these emotions and feelings capable of “sculpting" our own rough stone; capable of “building" our own World.

Some people want to change the world, to improve the world"। "But few are willing to start from where we can only start: CHANCHING ONE SELF.

Dear Brother, therefore, if you are taking charge of your own existence with sincerity and creativity, if you need to follow the “Illumination Utopia, if you have a vocational interest in Freemasonry; if so, you will have understood where is the true power of Freemasonry, even better, you will know where you can find your reward: IN THE EXERCISE OF YOUR FREEMASONRY VOCATIONAL INTEREST.

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