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English...about the importance of the symbol V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

In this publication, as the next step of my previous one, entitled “TO BE” A FREEMASON: A VOCATIONAL NEED”; I would like to reflect and share my thoughts about the importance of the symbol V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

Reflections that, without are unquestionable thoughts, they are worthy of consideration and interesting to be share, at least.

If you could feel, in a "intimate" and "secret" way, in a “mystical" and "individual" way, that to "be FREEMASON" is to be part of a “NEW MAN” and "EVOLVED MAN ", magically formed as "HOMO INITIUM"; participating in the construction of a "NEW WORLD".... If this experience has led you recognize that the cardinal godsend of the “VOCATIONAL FREEMASON” is that one who has this “VOCATIONAL NEED” lives the practice of “his vocational” as his best prize, reward and salary.... So, if you can feel and believe it, all sharing with you in this new publication will be for your benefit.

The key question is: what does a Freemason work consists of?

Many of us want to change the world. Many of us want to improve the "the mankind project" in all its sides and aspects: social, moral, economic, cultural and political. Many of us, in good faith, we cooperate been part of some NGO´s; many of us, in good faith, we are politically active been members of a political party; many of us, in good faith, we are part of other kinds of social, philosophical or trade associations.

Many of us, in good faith, we believe that through the Freemasonry we can channel and crystallize our interest in the improvement of “the mankind project". Indeed, we can! But, unfortunately, we can take a wrong way and mistake Freemasonry for other groups and organizations such as NGO´s, political parties, trade unions or other cultural, religious, philosophical or business associations, which have as object and common denominator: the improvement of the world. And, as a result, this confusion is preventing us to recognize the real sense, the validity, the relevance and the benefit of the Freemasonry. It can be worse; this confusion could shape and fill our Lodges with "APRONS without MASON".

Where is the capital difference between FREEMASONRY and other kinds of associations?

"Many of us want to change the world, to improve “the mankind project”. But, not many of us are ready and willing to start from the most essential and effective way, doing what only we can do: “CHANGING ONESELF."

Right here is where Freemasonry differs from other kinds of associations!

And in this way is presented to the freemason´s candidate, in the Chamber of reflection, the acrostic V.I.T.R.I.O.L., as one of the first symbols.


Dear Brother, this is the freemason´s work, as “Homo Initium”: SHAPE AND POLISH OUR ROUGH STONE!

If we cannot recognize the vital importance of the acrostic V.I.T.R.I.O.L., we will not benefit much from Freemasonry, joining a Masonic Lodge. And, we will go thought a number of “Masonic Degrees”, believing that “our self improvement” is linked to a limited number of Masonic Degrees granted by other “Men”. So, we will not find our “Inner Master”; we will not view our own “Light” in our “Inner World”.

Moreover, in spite of been dressed with a “Masonic Apron” we will not be part of a “NEW MAN” and "EVOLVED MAN ", magically formed as "HOMO INITIUM"; participating in the construction of a "NEW WORLD".

With this publication I do not try to rape or disturb any Brother adapted and boxed in a “Freemasonry”, where, due poor understanding of the meaning of the acrostic V.I.T.R.I.O.L. have collaborated to shape and fill their Lodges with "APRONS without MASON". Consequently, due this wrong and poor understanding of the Freemasonry, we are degenerating the meaning and the validity of the Freemasonry in the 21st century.

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